Westminster Community Network 2013 Elections

The WCN elections for Chair and Vice Chair are now open for nominations.  Candidate submissions will close on Tuesday 26th March, get your nominations in now!

WCN 2013 Elections – Information Pack
WCN 2013 Elections – Nomination form

Election Process

The election process will take place throughout March and April, nominations are currently open and the closing date to nominate will be 12:00pm Tuesday 26th March.

Candidates can self nominate, or be nominated by another person, using the nomination form.  The form contains space for a 200 word statement of intent, or reason for nomination.  This statement will be published with the candidate information, for access by all WCN members to assist with their voting decision.

Nominations can be submitted by email or post, details are provided on the nomination form.  From the 18th March details of current candidates will be published on the WCN website, with updates until the 26th March.  Once nominations have closed an email will full details of all candidates will be sent out to WCN members, along with a link to the voting form.  This information will also be posted to WCN members.

Voting will open on Wednesday the 27th March and will remain open until 3:00pm on Friday 19th April.  

One vote per organisation in Westminster will be counted, should an organisation submit more than one vote the candidates with the most votes from that organisation will be counted.  If an organisation has submitted the same number of votes for multiple candidates the counted vote will selected through ‘random blind selection’.

The election candidate with the most votes will become the chair of the WCN and the candidate who comes in second will become the vice chair.  The result of the voting will be final with all candidates accepting the results given by WAVE (who will be verifying the votes).

Chair and Vice Chair

Role includes the following expected duties:

  • Be the public face of the Westminster voluntary and community sector
  • Attend or appoint a deputy to attend and represent the views of the Westminster voluntary and community sector at range of cross-City partnership meetings, including :
  1. The Westminster Chief Executive’s Stakeholder Group;
  2. The Westminster Health and Wellbeing Board
  3. The Westminster Children’s Trust
  • Regularly liaise with WAVE as the organisation appointed to provide logistical and developmental support to WCN
  • Work to gather the views of the sector and wider community. ‘Keeping your finger on the pulse’
  • Chair and deliver general updates at the quarterly WCN forums
  • Recommend and authorise changes to the Network

Westminster Community Network – Vice-Chair

  • To assist the Chair in the performance of the above duties and act as first deputy when required.

NB/    This is a voluntary role and no payment or stipend is offered

Advisory Board

The WCN advisory board will be made up of approximately 6 representatives from other Westminster based networks. The aim of the advisory board is to feed into the WCN from other networks, helping create cohesion within the sector and help raise cross sector issues and priorities.

Having a diverse range of networks feeding into the WCN advisory board will allow for a variety of issues and priorities to be raised across the sector and identify cross cutting themes.

Networks currently suggested to have a member on the advisory board are:

  • SWAN (South Westminster Action Network)
  • BME Health Forum
  • Children and Young People Network (CYPN)

The WCN recognises that parts of the sector don’t currently have representation though any networks.  Due to this the WCN will be looking at creating new sub-networks to fill the gap in the sector.  A suggested network is a North Westminster Action Network, similar to the work that SWAN does, but for the north of the borough.

We welcome suggestions from WCN members of existing networks to be represented on the advisory board, or for suggested new sub-networks.  Please contact Philippa Brook – Philippa.brook@be-group.co.uk with any suggestions or comments.


The WCN is a free membership network for anyone working, volunteering or with a vested interest in the voluntary and community sector based in the borough of Westminster.

The WCN runs quarterly forums, which discuss and highlight changes to the sector, sector priorities, challenges and general sector topics of interest.

Throughout the year, WCN representatives will attend other network forums, and will feed into the WCN with sector updates.

All nominations should be submitted to Philippa Brook
Email philippa.brook@be-group.co.uk please use subject line: WCN Nomination
Address: FAO Philippa Brook – WCN Nomination
377 Camden Road
N7 0SH

For more information on the WCN visit the WCN website: http://westminstercommunitynetwork.org.uk/

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